How to create an account and add a boat

Here are some instructions for creating an account and registering a yacht.  

How to create an account and add a boat

Here are some instructions for creating an account and registering a yacht.




After browsing into the page, you click the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section on the options listed on the top of the page.

  Image 1


Log in selection will show up
Im. 2


When your account registration is completed, you will see the ‘log in’ option, which is the one you use for entering, after filling in the gaps with the information needed. If you have not created an account yet, the sign in option will be available too.
Image 3


In this window you insert your e-mail, so that we can keep in contact and the password you will be using for logging in and registering your yachts. When logging in, the WELCOME ADMIN indication will show up.
Image 4


When clicking, a two-option field will appear, as you can see below.
Image 5


When hitting the Dashboard, a new list with three options will be seen. The selections are: ADD BOAT, MARINES and SETTINGS, as you can see in the image.

Image 6


We recommend, prior to any registration, to have a look at the MARINES section. There, you will see a map. You can zoom in or out to spot all 202 spots all over Greece, pre-set by us, as possible locations for registering your yacht(s), mooring spots, departure spots, or arrival spots. If your location is not set, you can find your location on the map and name it. In that way, your yacht(s) will be registered not only in that specific location, but in any search by any other interested individual, under a set perimeter of 25 nautical miles away from your spot. The image below will appear.
Image 7


The import and the marking of your location can be achieved in two ways. If it is a Marina with an operator, a brown-colored mark is the one. If it is any other a mooring spot, green is your color. You can choose colors in the indication on your right, where similar marks can be found.
Right after taking care about your place on the map, close the map and return to the (Img.6) menu. Click ‘ADD BOAT’. The following image will show up.
Image 8


Consists of 3 subsections. The first one contains the yacht’s individual elements and in the end, a short description of it. The second one contains some further information, mostly useful for its selection and payment.

Image 9

The third subsection, yacht amenities, includes information of its equipment and the perks that the boat contains. If you have anything more to add, you can analytically describe them in the end.
Image 10


In order to import your main picture of your boat, you must click on the small icon as shown below.


Image 11

After you click the ‘add image’ option, an additional icon will appear, named as ‘Extra images”. Clicking on it will open a list containing your computer’s files. In the process, you can select the images you desire to accompany your registration. In case your selected files are big, you will be informed about the needed size through a notification. You can also upload similar videos, on the condition that there is a youtube link available, verifying that an upload there already exists.



Image 12
To fill the prices of your desire, we offer three option as shown above, followed by description in the box. Don't forget to name the price for the captain, if your boat is skippered.


After filling in all the information you want, click the ‘save’ button. Your registration will be shown immediately on the website.

Welcome on board!