Rent a boat with skipper

Rent a boat with skipper

Yacht Charter with skipper

If the skipper has been chosen by the team of professionals that we suggest or by the owner, then no forfeited bail. You will deal with the process of chartering of the vessel, personal belongings and articles.
The rental process is as follows:
After making your selection, you can fill the form ' Make  inquiry’ by filling in all the details as requested. We will forward the request to the owner and we will inform you about the availability of the boat, immediately once we receive the relevant answer.
If the answer is positive, you have three business days to credit us the deposit you will be asked. So the booking becomes definitive. In another case, after the event, the Amaremio has no obligation whatsoever towards you and you should resubmit the request, following the same procedure.
When your booking is confirmed by the above process, we will send you by e-mail a copy of the lease and any other information relevant to judge that you might find useful about the boat you choose.
Just pick it up, you should turn to you to send us the following documents in color copies.
ID or passport
Full details for issuing receipts
As mentioned above, a key condition for the fulfilment of your booking, advance payment, amounting to 50% of the agreed price, within three (3) days. The balance will be paid off five (5) days prior to the commencement of the lease. If you are going to fare as two days, apply as above, 50% deposit and repayment expires five days. If it is a last minute booking, paid in full can be made before departure. Mediation of our company, calculated at a rate of 15% (fifteen percent) on the amount that you agree to the Charter for boat, skipper and crew and takes place on the advance overall.
All payments can be made by credit card or by bank transfer. Personal cheques are not accepted.
If you pay the price with deposit into an account, please send us a copy as soon as possible. If you use a credit card, the same soon, you must send us your debit authorization.
All vessels are registered at , are insured in accordance with the law. This is a basic prerequisite for the acceptance of their posting. Before departure, together with payment of the Charter should be completed, if required, the guarantee deposit depending on the type of vessel, as agreed with the owner.
For the implementation of the lease and the departure of the vessel, has been delivered by the parties, that it will be possible under specific weather conditions and within the limits permitted that – detained by port authorities.
If there are such adverse weather conditions, and the sailing is not feasible, then for as many days takes the bad weather, it is considered that the total amount deductible the fares corresponding to the days of delay departure. If you're going for complete cancellation due to inclement weather, then returned the deposit, except less for 8% of our operating costs and 8% owner's expense.
If the bad weather doesn't alter the mood of the crew and delay days exceed 30% of the total time, if this reported on time, then the Amaremio, may propose alternatives to lease the same type ship capabilities and if it is available. As long as these become accepted, does the same tenancy conditions.
In case of cancellation, you must inform us by email and download certificate. As two (2) months before the start date of the lease, the deposit will be refunded in full, minus 8% for management expenses, calculated on the amount of the advance
One month before the departure date, a refund of 50% of the advance, calculated retention also on the advance. In this case, the management fees are calculated by 15% and the rest is attributable to the owner.
If the cancellation is made less than thirty (30) calendar days before the date of the lease, no refund of the deposit, and the amounts are rendered similarly as above.
Transfer time of the lease, you may be prompted as twenty (20) days prior to departure. We will satisfy, although if it is feasible for the requested period.
The exact time of departure, should have become known to us, and the owner, at least two days before. At that time, departure date, you must put all possible loose ends and the tenant, to showcase the originals of the supporting documents sent at the beginning of the process in color photocopies and should be signed by the parties to the original contract.
Also, for your convenience and do not waste time, ask the boat full of fuel delivered, or if you are going for a short walk, with multiple quantity required, as – if offered and the kind of soft drinks you want.
The owner is obliged to accompany the boat of the day and time of delivery and give detailed instructions to use instruments and equipment to the lessee, together with a detailed list of the equipment. When this is completed, the tenant must sign a statement of receipt in full Board, as contracted.
On arrival, if the owner exercised governance in the boat during the lease, any requirement has waged, should be made prior to landing. After this, is not compelled – the lessee, to acknowledge the slightest and release the lessee of any obligation. In such a case, returned and paid automatically – if you have deposited-warranty. Return to the point of departure of the vessel should be done at a predetermined time.
Finally, the usual practice, is the boat returns with full fuel tanks. If this is not feasible, should the owner who knows better his boat, to prove to the tenant the exact amount of fuel for replenishment. In any case, fuel costs are borne by the lessee, unless otherwise agreed.

When you board the ship, the captain is responsible for the safe navigation and all relevant procedures. In any case, the good cooperation with the crew, on the other hand makes the trip easier for everyone, on the other hand, is a first-rate opportunity for gaining experience and enrichment of knowledge. The help that you may be asked, will be mostly of subsidiary nature.
Also, you can discuss with him the possibility of a visit in unfamiliar or difficult for you parts. Then, his experience will prove invaluable.

If the agreement is complied with as it has from the outset, where expressly indicated as the charterer is obliged to return the vessel to the port of departure, then no issue arises and everything is going smoothly. If, however, you decide to do so, for your own reasons and regardless of weather conditions, then there will be a charge, the captain of our team is authorized to agree with you and notify us before applying. Then, the agreed price is delivered to the same or alternatively if there is discretion, deposited into the same bank account that the deposit.

Finally, it is clear that the Governor is not concerned with the cleanliness of the craft, cooking or refueling, except fuel and water. All remaining tasks shall be borne by the crew, or a hostess, which costs from 100 euros a day, by agreement.