Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy  is the widest and most complete internet location that hosts any type and any length of yachts available for rent. It is spread all over Greece and plans are made to go abroad in the near future.


We are aiming to highlight the Greek unique natural beauties as well as its numerous destinations through a different perspective, the experience and fun that sailing provides.

The website’s structure is completely user-friendly for both the yacht owners, who seek a safe place to set their boat and the customers who desire to go on vacation with them.

At the same time, a large quantity of tourist, nautical and technical information are offered, which are certain to be useful for everyone willing to sail.

Furthermore, we suggest several destinations for different individual needs which require from 80 n.m. to 250 n.m. of sailing.


Amaremio is not bound in any way from the content of the sections of this website, in whole and in part. All data and information provided, it is audited and accurate at the date of the suspension.


Amaremio, may use the personal data (photos, videos, reviews etc.) in order to operate or advertise. More clearly, AmareMio can freely use any kind of optical or other material send by the customers of any relationship with the company for advertising purposes, for the benefit of the company and the customers, without their consent. 


The Amaremio is not going to transmit personal data to third parties – unless he has received special contrary to this command, for the advertising of products and services of other partner enterprises, for promotional or other purposes. In each case, the engaged, reserves the right to update or refuse any further processing of the data pursuant to article 13 of Law 2472/97 on the protection of personal data. If there is any disturbance due to that fact, Amaremio will respect the individual/party privacy and will withdraw the used material.

If happens that any personal information traded with the Amaremio has fallen into the possession of a third person because of that persons own initiative and activity, underline that Amaremio has no responsibility or involvement. Also, presumed knowledge of privacy terms from the inserter, before posting them. If any similar phenomenon is noted, the responsibility belongs exclusively to him.


Last, if any change on the above is decided, the website should inform directly and with clarity. Also, every person (boat owner, customer, skipper, etc.) that changes particles or elements involving Amaremio should inform in the same way.