Our target

Our target

 AmareMio.gr is the widest and most complete internet location that hosts any type and any length of yachts available for charter. It is spread all over Greece and plans are made to go abroad in the near future.

We are aiming to highlight the Greek natural beauties as well as its numerous destinations through a different perspective, the experience and fun that sailing provides.

The website’s structure is user-friendly for both yacht owners, who seek a safe place to set their boat and customers, who desire to go on vacation with them.

At the same time, a large quantity of tourist, nautical and technical information are offered, which are certain to be useful for everyone willing to sail.

Furthermore, we suggest several destinations for different individual needs which require from 80 n.m. to 250 n.m. of sailing.

They say that the sea is a court for every player. Let’s settle the game!